In the seventeen years since the IEEE EMC Symposium came to Washington electronics, wireless, medical devices, sensing and connectedness have deeply permeated our global society. The 2000 International Symposium on EMC was chaired under the cool and steady leadership of the late Bill Duff. The organizing committee was excited to have a busy week at the Washington Hilton, site of the Symposium.

By August 2000, we were pretty sure the Y2K software bug was not going to roll us back to the Stone Age, the 2000 election season was in full swing and the economy was rolling along. We were optimistic and full of hope for the coming millennium.

I was fortunate to be on the organizing committee and we met regularly, in-person, much of the hard work performed directly by volunteers. We didn’t have to look for a Wi-Fi connection to join an online meeting (‘cause there weren’t any).

Now, we are pleased to bring the EMC Symposium back to the Washington DC area, the 60th consecutive EMC Symposium. Since that time not only has technology evolved, but society has, too. Our engineering challenges remain thorny, however the understanding of EMC has fully matured, forming the foundation for future innovation in high speed circuits, millimeter wave devices, high capacity communication links, streaming video, the Internet of Things, 5G communications, embedded systems and Cloud computing. This is the first year where Signal Integrity & Power Integrity are an integral part of the conference, reflecting the EMC Society’s influence and focus on this critical topic of engineering design.

Our relevance to the technology community continues to evolve and expand. We, as a society, have become more diverse, embracing the international growth and expansion of our technological society, the rise of Asia in economic and R&D importance, the instantaneous worldwide communications that add ease, convenience and an improved level of safety and access to life-saving information and techniques.

In every way, our community touches the ecosystem of engineering, from signals to systems to spectrum to security to standards.

Washington DC is an excellent venue to broaden our understanding of our world and the network that defines our community. Exchange of information across the public and private sector is paramount to our success as a global society. Each of us plays a role in this exchange, either as technical experts, service providers, equipment manufacturers, teachers, support, communications, hospitality and the ever-necessary human touch that remind us that engineering is about improving the state of humanity.

Our events will be hosted at the Gaylord Resort on the banks of the Potomac River. We expect a fully-subscribed program that will bring something for everyone. Bring your families. Enjoy the hospitality and history of the capital of the US.
Welcome to Washington DC!

Your sincerely,

Michael F. Violette
General Chair 2017 IEEE International Symposium on EMC and SI/PI


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