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Referred to as “Washington”, the “District” or just “D.C.”, the capital of the U. S. is a compact city known for its culture, rich history, architecture, a robust tourism industry and most importantly, the center of the Federal Government. Originally designed and created to house the government, the city has evolved to become much more than just a place to work. A welcoming host to visitors from all over the world, the nation’s capital boasts a unique experience with its seemingly endless assortment of museums, classical buildings, impressive past and present architecture, scenic parks and vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re more interested in thewonders of the past or the promise of a better future through technology, Washington D.C. provides everyone a front row seat.


The technical attendees at the symposium are encouraged to wear at a minimum business casual (long pants, knee length skirts, long or short sleeved shirts/blouses. Presenters, session chairs and other participants involved in the symposium program are recommended to come in business formal ware: business suit and tie or business dress.
The recommended clothing for the reception is business casual.
The recommended clothing for the Gala is casual.


Outlets and voltage (110 volts). Small appliances such as hair dryers, irons, and razors can be used in the United States. For those from other countries, adapters are required for electrical appliances. The frequency of electrical current in the USA is 60 Hz.


More information regarding available ground transportation is coming soon.
The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center offers many options for local transportation. Click Here for More Details


Currency can be exchanged at banks or at currency exchange stations. Some hotels and other merchants accept foreign currency, but it is recommended that visitors exchange currency before they arrive.


For up-to-date tax information, visit www.cfo.dc.gov/page/tax-rates-and-revenues-sales-and-use-taxes.


For good service at a restaurant, a tip of 15% of the pre-tax bill is customary. Some restaurants add a service charge to the bill, especially in large groups, in which case further tipping is not expected. Tipping is also customary in bars, salons/spas, and taxis.


CLICK HERE for detailed visa / passport information.

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