Your papers and presentations are the jewels of the IEEE EMC Symposium, and it is our desire to have all of you registered smoothly, your papers/presentations submitted for publication, and for you to attend the Symposium.

Author Registration

Symposium registration (IEEE Member or Non-Member) is required by at least one author, or the speaker, before the final paper submission deadline, 3 May 2017.  Failing to meet this requirement will result in the paper not being published or presented – no exceptions.  Your registration confirmation number will be needed for the final paper submittal. Click here to register.

Regular & Special Session papers and Workshop/Tutorial presentations

After a paper or presentation is accepted, IEEE EMC Symposium registration is required before the final submission deadline. For each paper, at least one author must obtain a 5-Day technical registration at the symposium (or a 1-Day registration; the exact day may be changed later to suit paper presentation schedule) and be paid in full before the paper submittal deadline. The symposium registration confirmation number is required to submit the final papers and charts. Also note that authors of papers must include a completed IEEE copyright form in the final submission or the paper will be removed from the program.

Any author or presenter failing to meet these requirements will have their paper/presentation removed from the program and it will not be included in the Symposium Record. Please note that for Workshop/Tutorial presentations, if too many speakers from a single Workshop or Tutorial are not registered by the deadline, the entire Workshop or Tutorial session will be cancelled.

No-Show Policy for Regular & Special Session papers:

If an author/speaker fails to attend the Symposium and present the paper, that paper will not be published in IEEE Xplore. The only exception to this policy will be for authors with personal emergencies and who have contacted the Technical Program Chair (TPC) in advance. The TPC will decide on a case-by-case basis.

No-Show Policy for Workshop & Tutorial presentations

If any Workshop or Tutorial speaker does not appear at the Symposium to give their presentation, that speaker shall not be accepted for presentations of any sort for three years. The only exception to this policy will be for presenters who have had unavoidable conflicts arise and who have arranged for a substitute acceptable to the Workshops/Tutorials committee no less than 14 days prior to the start of the symposium. Registration fees paid shall not be refunded in such cases. Exceptions shall be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Symposium Chair, then by the EMC-S VP of Conferences if needed.

Hardware and Computer Demonstrations

It is requested that presenters register for the IEEE EMC Symposium with, at the least, a 1-Day registration (the exact day may be changed later to suit the presentation schedule).

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Program for Economically Disadvantaged Engineers

The IEEE EMC Society provides funding to selected economically disadvantaged engineers from both developing and developed countries to attend the annual IEEE International Symposium on EMC (ISEMC). Financial support is limited to basic symposium registration, excluding optional activities and services, and may also include travel and/or lodging expenses.

The Financial Assistance Program for Economically Disadvantaged Engineers (FAP/EDE) committee shall determine the level of support to be provided. This committee has been formed by the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors.

The applicant must present a technical paper in which he or she is the principal author or participate in a workshop, tutorial or demonstration that provides a substantial contribution to the conference. If there are multiple authors or presenters, only one can apply for financial assistance. For further information and requirements, go to


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